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Did you know that when it comes to Solvent Distillation and the various methods used to get it down those who choose to use Mobile Solvent Recovery Systems as client save as much as 35% of their combined waste disposal and solvent repurchase costs by recycling their solvent waste stream right at their own sites!

Mobile Solvent Recycling Systems  is a service which is performed at the customer’s plant on a schedule that is convenient to that plant’s normal environmental plan and work flow. This is so that there is minimal if any interruption to the client.

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When it comes to reducing costs the savings are large because you save in two ways. The first instance of savings, you will greatly reduce the cost of hauling your solvent waste stream to an off-site disposal facility. The second instance of savings, you will dramatically reduce the cost of new solvent purchases. Thus, if Solvent Distillation Inc can achieve a recovery yield of 75% good solvent from your waste stream you will cut your disposal costs by 75%, plus you will save 75% of your re-purchase costs for virgin solvent!

Many of the so-called replacement solvents, for example or N Propyl Bromide (NPB), have terrific benefits over older cleaning solvents but the initial inventory cost of the virgin solvent is extremely high. In such cases repurchasing the solvent once it is “spent” is prohibitive in cost. Thus, recycling and re-using such high priced solvent is the only practical method of using them. In one recent case study it was found that up to an amazing 97% recovery of the spent NPB– providing our client with 70% savings over disposing of and repurchasing the solvent. Solvent Distillation Inc’s  mobile on-site distillation service (Mobile Solvent Recovery Systems) is the best and most convenient option for using high priced “replacement solvents.

How Does Solvent Recovery Work?

Solvent Distillation: Refers specifically to heating a liquid chemical, returning it to its original or more concentrated state. This consists of “Still” boils waste solvent into water vapor, clean product and bottom stills, bottom stills are hazardous waste and consist of paraffin, tissue, and histology dyes .

Solvent Recycling: Can include filtration; a Filtration systems filter out impurities but cannot increase the concentration of solvent Effective on formalin, reduces need for titration and buffering

The Process of Solvent Distillation

  • Collect segregated waste in fire rated jugs, place jugs into unit
  • Clean product flows into another container, bottom stills into another
  • 4 sets of containers and labeling needed: to be processed, processed, bottom stills waste and lab collection

Recycling can save a lot of money and tighten up inventory and management controls of hazardous materials, IF Costs of implementing are kept at a minimum while meeting compliance and tracking realistic labor costs of managing the material differently

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